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For the Love of Kids

The purpose of the following article is to express my beliefs related to the importance and value of promoting the development of positive self-esteem in children at home, in schools, through sports and in every walk of life. I will attempt to show the significance of positive coaching and parenting in developing happy, confident, successful and fulfilled individuals who are capable of reaching higher levels of human potential. I recently published the book, “Hockey, Kids & Positive Coaching”, an inspiring story about a young boy whose love for the game of hockey is affected by the pressures placed on […]

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Bully Coaching: Anger Is Not The Problem

Coaches usually coach the way they were coached and unfortunately, not enough people understand that fear does not work longitudinally as a motivational strategy (anymore than having athletes run sprints for punishment does – you want to change an athlete’s attitude, take away their opportunity to play). Having worked with athletes and coaches with he widest array of anger problems for twenty years, I can tell you that this problem is no better now than then. Thankfully, more people are talking about it…but not enough parents and leagues are removing abusive coaches from the opportunity to influence kids. Anger […]

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A Campaign Against Bully Coaching

In response to the comments and concerns shared by our readers we are launching a campaign against bully coaching and bullying in sports. To the overwhelming number of athletes and parents in dire need of assistance, you are not alone. As professionals and members of the sports community it is our responsibility to protect the youth sports experience and the universal privileges of participating in youth sports. This movement is long overdue. When the system fails our youth due to bush league politics everyone loses. Members of the youth sports community and education system who jeopardize the well-being of […]

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Sports Parenting: When Favoritism Hurts

When Favoritism Hurts – Can youth football have a negative psychological effect on a young child? Imagine your 10 year old boy, turning around and looking up at you from the sidelines, during his very first Youth Super Bowl Championship game…. With a red face and angry tears, he yells out at you in a plea of desperation “MOM! We’re going into overtime and the coaches won’t let me play!!!” This is exactly what happened last Sunday. I noticed in the 3rd quarter that my son, had not been called for a single play and began to get antsy. […]

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Bullying or Honesty – A Coach’s Perspective

The following article is a High School Basketball Coach’s perspective on Bully Coaching, in response to the example presented in “How Bully Coaching Affects Athletes.” Dear Dr. Edger, I do not think the story of the high school quarterback is considered bullying. I understand your argument and what the quarterback might be going through. However, if a coach has time to yell or criticize a player, he cares about the player’s performance, and has high expectations. I think most people would rather have a coach that has high expectations for their players than mediocre expectations. I believe it is the coach’s job […]

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Sports Parents Make Calculated Risk Decisions

It’s intriguing that my children are not only allowed, but encouraged to climb trees, while other children I know are forbidden to climb trees. I’ve asked parents why they don’t let their children climb trees. They’ve told me they are afraid their children will get hurt. You have to understand, when I’m talking about trees, I’m talking about small trees in our neighborhood with adult supervision. I’m not talking about 80 foot trees in wooded areas were there’s no supervisions. My children have been encouraged to take calculated risks that are physical in nature. They have spent their childhood […]

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Now and Then

By Sunday, parents talk about five games in one day, seven in two, and you suspect some embellishment taking place. But you’ve been around this particular block far too long not to know it’s mostly true. For us, mere amateurs with just two children participating in a fall sport, there were just three games in 20 hours – one flag football sandwiched by two basketball games. Some laugh at you as if you’ve taken the weekend off, setting their coffee in their respective cup holders without taking their eyes off the field. You try to remember when this all […]

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How to Develop Analytical Minds in Junior Tennis Players

How to Develop Analytical Minds in Junior Tennis Players

Jamie had been battling hard in the Semi- finals of his County tennis Championship but to no avail he lost 7-5, 7-5. Jamie came off court dejected and visibly upset, his coach said all the right things starting with all of Jamie’s positives and then gently moved on to areas needing improvement. Before he finished he asked Jamie one question ‘what hand did your opponent play with?’ Jamie look confused by the question and after some thought answered ‘I don’t know’. It became apparent Jamie had played a two hour match and not even observed his opponent’s dominant hand. […]

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How to Become a Sport Psychology Professional

Sign up for a FREE 20 minute consultation with Sport Psychology Today’s Michael Edger MS, MGCP on “The Road to Success in Sports Psychology” We are offering this program to help guide young students, coaches and professionals interested in the field of Sport and Performance Psychology. Sport Psychology is a young rapidly growing discipline of Psychology. Because it is a relatively new and growing field there isn’t a lot of  information available for those interested in deciding whether sports psychology is the right career chose for them. During this 20 minute session you will have the opportunity to ask […]

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