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The Most Powerful Tool You Will Ever Own

It’s pretty simple actually- it’s your ability to create Mental Imagery, it’s your Mind. The ability to see success, need that be hitting one out of the ball park or that hole in one. If you cannot see what you desire to happen in your performance it will not be. Simply put- IT WILL NOT BE. The relationship of mental and physical performance is simply outstanding when coupled with consistent practice. When you combine realistic and healthy mental imagery and physical practice it is a recipe for success. Once a player learns to control their metal imagery then that […]

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Participants Needed for Sport Psychology Research

North Dakota State University is in the process of collecting data for a large study on how participation in competitive sport may impact on psychological well-being. “We are currently seeking individuals willing to participate in an anonymous online study. The purpose of the study is to obtain information about how participation in competitive sport is associated with well-being. The survey is available through a secure website and will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. All participants must be English-speaking, at least 18 years old, and be involved in a competitive sport either as part of a team or an […]

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Resilience and Overcoming Performance Errors

Resilience, or “mental toughness,” is a key psychological aspect of sport. The ability to bounce back from a poor performance or a detrimental mistake is crucial to an athlete’s success. As much as athletes hate to admit it, failure is a part of the game. A baseball player with a batting average of .3 has failed 7 times out of 10 at the plate. It is important to recognize that mistakes and failure are part of the game (Halden-Brown, 2003). However, when an athlete places too much emphasis on his or her failures, performance begins to suffer. Athletes need […]

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Instilling a Championship Mindset

Coaches and captains must support team confidence to be a  championship caliber team. This means instilling a strong belief in their team’s ability to be successful and obtain team goals. Coaches should start by meeting with the team in the off-season and/or preseason to discussing team goals. To get team captains involved have them write down each team goals discussed. Some of the goals can be to finish first in your conference, to play your playoff games at home, to finish the season as champions. Save the goals your captains recorded and use them a chart or bulletin board […]

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Championship Team Building Part Three

Championship Team Building Part Three

Team cohesion, motivation and the types of motivation used to promote the “team” concept are paramount in being successful as individuals and as a team. Depending on the types of motivational strategies a coach utilizes, they can maximize team and individual athletic performance, and by doing so can promote team cohesion, overall team climate and even goal setting. Whether a coach chooses BATs, speeches or a certain type of coaching style all have a motivational factor for athletes and the teams they play with. It is up to the coach to know their coaching philosophies, their teams, and individual […]

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Centering Techniques for Sports

In Chapter 8 of Psyched to Win Dr. Nideffer refers to “Centering” as a technique, borrowed from the martial arts, whose purpose is to instill feelings of emotional control. These simple breathing and cueing exercises are used to calm and relax both the mind and body. Center of Mass Your Center of Mass is located one or two inches below and behind your navel. If one can consciously bring one’s attention to this point, one feels grounded or centered. In Dr. Nideffer’s article for class, he describes the importance of keeping a balanced, stable lower center of mass. This […]

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Intramural Sports: The Benefits of Imagery

What thoughts come to mind when I mention college intramural sports? I am sure that most of you would say that intramural sports are for the scrubs or the wannabes. Others may also argue that intramural sports lack the competitive nature and consistent training that most college and professional sports have. However, I can contend for the opposite to be true. During my college intramural sports career thus far, I have watched and competed against several intramural athletes that are not the typical wannabes or scrubs that most would think. The truth of the matter is that intramural sports […]

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Hitters Need a Plan at the Plate

Becoming a successful hitter requires more than a quick bat and good hand eye coordination. It requires a specific approach to hitting and confidence in your ability to put the ball in play. The key to success at the plate is mental toughness and mental preparation. Great hitters do not have the same batting stance, physical talent or mechanics. What they do have in common is a plan at the plate and a strong belief in their ability to carry out that plan. One thing many hitters lack is an at-bat routine. Great hitters use at-bat routines to help […]

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Baseball Mental Training and Performance Enhancement

When people talk about baseball they usually mention the physical aspects of the sport such as, hitting, arm-strength, and power. The primary focus of athletes in the past has been to improve their physical game to compete at a higher level. The physical component of the game is so emphasized that a good handful of professional ball players began using illegal performance enhancement supplements to gain a competitive edge. The physical component of baseball is important, but it’s also highly overrated, especially in higher levels of competition. I say this because all professional ball players have the physical tools […]

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