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Super Hero Student Athletes

What do Batman and Student Athletes have in common? Waking up for early practices, film reviews, team meetings, games, homework, classes and study hall. This is the world of a student athlete. The student athlete must be a scholar, an athlete, a teammate, a friend, a hero, a coach, a brother or sister, son or daughter and even a role model. Now what does Batman have to do with any of this, well everything. Student athletes fight bad guys (opponents) when they are in competition, have powers (athletic ability), costumes (uniforms), a city (or institution) to defend, and people […]

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Focusing Through Environmental Stressors: Part Two

Part two: You Are What You Think Have you ever heard the saying: “You are what you say you are?” This is the idea that you become what you believe by attracting what you think? For a more clinical explanation search: “Self-fulfilling prophecy” and the “Law of Attraction”. Anyway, back to the idea that you are what you think. According to this in order to be successful you must see yourself as successful, need that be believing you will get that promotion, hit that ball out of the park, drive that hole in one, or find your soul mate. […]

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The Playing Zone: Space And Time

The concept of the playing zone is very simple to grasp, essentially it’s a room inside the mind, but the question is this, what does this room thrive on? Essentially its space and time and the more space and time the zone has, the better it works. The playing zone loves simplicity and it works best with less and this is why focusing on a few key skills and doing them well becomes very important to the process. Don’t get me wrong, one must up skill to become better, though the reason one up skills is that it makes […]

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Fight the Fear of Failure in Sports

Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real. Each and every athlete experiences some kind of fear or anxiety on some level. Sports psychology for basketball establishes methods to not only diminish the effect that fear limits a player’s ability, but also utilizes that fear in a positive way to strengthen mental toughness. As a player gains the ability to control fears and anxieties both on and off the court, their mental game of basketball strengthens which reflects on improved physical play as well. Any fear grows with intensity if left unchecked whether it stems from fear of missing a shot during […]

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How The Zone Works

The biggest thing with the playing zone is most don’t understand the principles of how it works so therefore it’s still a magical thing to them though three things it requires is: Discipline Simplicity Repetition And guess what repels needy people. If one understands the playing zone you require discipline and simplicity If how understands how the brain works and improves skill you require repetition And you can’t get into the playing zone if you’re team is full of needy people. I define a needy person as someone wanting negative attention and indulges in disruptive behaviour to get it. […]

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Focusing Through Environmental Stressors

Focusing Through Environmental Stressors

Part 1: Clean, Clear, Controlled Environment  Control your environment, do not let your environment control you. It is that easy, remember to set good boundaries in as many areas as you need help with. Start with what you put in your body and your home environment. Food: Don’t bring the crappy food into your house. You buy it you will eat it! Make a list of the foods that are healthy and clean and hopefully whole and fresh, and go shopping for it after you’ve eaten. Keep your home stocked with these items all the time. If you do […]

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The Most Powerful Tool You Will Ever Own

It’s pretty simple actually- it’s your ability to create Mental Imagery, it’s your Mind. The ability to see success, need that be hitting one out of the ball park or that hole in one. If you cannot see what you desire to happen in your performance it will not be. Simply put- IT WILL NOT BE. The relationship of mental and physical performance is simply outstanding when coupled with consistent practice. When you combine realistic and healthy mental imagery and physical practice it is a recipe for success. Once a player learns to control their metal imagery then that […]

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Participants Needed for Sport Psychology Research

North Dakota State University is in the process of collecting data for a large study on how participation in competitive sport may impact on psychological well-being. “We are currently seeking individuals willing to participate in an anonymous online study. The purpose of the study is to obtain information about how participation in competitive sport is associated with well-being. The survey is available through a secure website and will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. All participants must be English-speaking, at least 18 years old, and be involved in a competitive sport either as part of a team or an […]

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Resilience and Overcoming Performance Errors

Resilience, or “mental toughness,” is a key psychological aspect of sport. The ability to bounce back from a poor performance or a detrimental mistake is crucial to an athlete’s success. As much as athletes hate to admit it, failure is a part of the game. A baseball player with a batting average of .3 has failed 7 times out of 10 at the plate. It is important to recognize that mistakes and failure are part of the game (Halden-Brown, 2003). However, when an athlete places too much emphasis on his or her failures, performance begins to suffer. Athletes need […]

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