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Super Hero Student Athletes

What do Batman and Student Athletes have in common? Waking up for early practices, film reviews, team meetings, games, homework, classes and study hall. This is the world of a student athlete. The student athlete must be a scholar, an athlete, a teammate, a friend, a hero, a coach, a brother or sister, son or daughter and even a role model. Now what does Batman have to do with any of this, well everything. Student athletes fight bad guys (opponents) when they are in competition, have powers (athletic ability), costumes (uniforms), a city (or institution) to defend, and people […]

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Bullying or Honesty – A Coach’s Perspective

The following article is a High School Basketball Coach’s perspective on Bully Coaching, in response to the example presented in “How Bully Coaching Affects Athletes.” Dear Dr. Edger, I do not think the story of the high school quarterback is considered bullying. I understand your argument and what the quarterback might be going through. However, if a coach has time to yell or criticize a player, he cares about the player’s performance, and has high expectations. I think most people would rather have a coach that has high expectations for their players than mediocre expectations. I believe it is the coach’s job […]

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The Playing Zone: Space And Time

The concept of the playing zone is very simple to grasp, essentially it’s a room inside the mind, but the question is this, what does this room thrive on? Essentially its space and time and the more space and time the zone has, the better it works. The playing zone loves simplicity and it works best with less and this is why focusing on a few key skills and doing them well becomes very important to the process. Don’t get me wrong, one must up skill to become better, though the reason one up skills is that it makes […]

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Why Sport Psychology Deserves More Respect

Why Sport Psychology Deserves More Respect

I’m coming to the end of what has turned out to be a three-week international tour of sport psychology. During my trips, I have worked with athletes and coaches from the U.S., Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, and Russia in Argentina, California, Oregon, and Switzerland. One question that has emerged during my travels involves the role of mental preparation in athletic development. But before I get to that question, let me provide some back story. Whenever I speak to athletes and coaches, I ask them how important the mind is to sport success. With few exceptions, the response is that the […]

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Online Mental Coaching Program

This month we are offering a months mental coaching via email. This includes: An A.M.A.P assessment (Athlete’s Mental Aptitude Profile) Forty minute session via Phone and A.M.A.P summary (Discovery Phase)* Three week Mental Coaching Program based on A.M.A.P assessment via email** *15 minutes with parent, 25 minutes with athlete (5,25,10) **Unlimited email response for parents and/or coaches during program (30 days) Visit Mental Edge Athletics for more details

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Sport Performance Anxiety and Social Approval

One of my mental coaching students who struggles with  performance anxiety, was overly concerned with what other people (coach, teammates, parents, spectators, etc.) thought about his performance. He often made assumptions about what others were thinking about him and his performance. We call this mind-reading. In this case the athlete literally thought that he could tell what others were thinking about him. The Agenda That Causes Sports Anxiety: Avoid embarrassment Avoid making mistakes Have others think he/she is a good athlete. Mind reading what others may be thinking Worrying to much about what others may be thinking causes athletes […]

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Aaron Rodgers Prepares for the Super Bowl: Part 2

When asked how Aaron Rogers prepares for the biggest game of his life, he responded, “I think the key is to be able to focus on your preparation.  You can’t let the other distractions and the magnitude of the game take you away from what you need to do next. You need to show up prepared to play, expect the unexpected, and know exactly what you are going to do,” said Rodgers. This is great advice and a tip I encourage my students to adhere to. You want to stay committed to your preparation and not get lost in […]

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Working With a Sports Psychology Expert

Although mental training is still a developing discipline of performance enhancement elite athletes have been using mental training techniques for years. For example For example Jack Nicklaus used mental imagery before every single shot he played and Roy Halladay admits to listening to a mental rehearsal programs before each game he pitches. There are many possible reasons why people still do not buy into the benefits of sport psychology. The main reasons being a fear of the unknown, a lack of time, and confusion on what works best. Sports psychologists’ help athletes identify and overcome the mental barriers that […]

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