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When Athletes are Afraid of Failure in Sports

Athletes have a tendency to be afraid of one factor of sports. That is failure. Failure can be scary, overwhelming, and also intimidating. However, it is something that athletes have to face in their careers in order to succeed and accomplish their goals. This article will describe why it is important to not be afraid of failure. You Will Only Be Average You cannot be afraid to fail in competitive sports. If you are afraid of failure you are never going to reach your peak potential in your particular sport. You will only be average.To be the best or […]

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Fight the Fear of Failure in Sports

Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real. Each and every athlete experiences some kind of fear or anxiety on some level. Sports psychology for basketball establishes methods to not only diminish the effect that fear limits a player’s ability, but also utilizes that fear in a positive way to strengthen mental toughness. As a player gains the ability to control fears and anxieties both on and off the court, their mental game of basketball strengthens which reflects on improved physical play as well. Any fear grows with intensity if left unchecked whether it stems from fear of missing a shot during […]

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Overcoming Fear In Your Sport

Sometimes, fear can be a factor in your sport. Here are some suggestions on how an athlete can use to help manage their fears and every day anxieties. 1.Self Visualization Occasionally, a person may get anxious on an upcoming event. When this happens, visualize yourself doing the task in your mind. For instance, you have to perform in the championship game in front of a large group of people in the next few days. Before the big day comes, imagine yourself performing. Self-Visualization is a great way to reduce the fear and stress of a coming situation. 2. Take […]

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How Bully Coaching Affects Athletes

Below is a quote from one of our athletes who is a 16 year-old high school quarterback who loved football and had the potential to start as a freshman — until the coach destroyed his mental game… “Going into high school I was a standout athlete with high confidence but after my freshman year I started to lose interest. It just wasn’t fun anymore. I hated practice because I was always worrying about messing up and being embarrassed by the coach. In games I worried about what he would do or say if I made a mistake so I […]

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Sport Performance Anxiety and Social Approval

One of my mental coaching students who struggles with  performance anxiety, was overly concerned with what other people (coach, teammates, parents, spectators, etc.) thought about his performance. He often made assumptions about what others were thinking about him and his performance. We call this mind-reading. In this case the athlete literally thought that he could tell what others were thinking about him. The Agenda That Causes Sports Anxiety: Avoid embarrassment Avoid making mistakes Have others think he/she is a good athlete. Mind reading what others may be thinking Worrying to much about what others may be thinking causes athletes […]

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