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Fight the Fear of Failure in Sports

Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real. Each and every athlete experiences some kind of fear or anxiety on some level. Sports psychology for basketball establishes methods to not only diminish the effect that fear limits a player’s ability, but also utilizes that fear in a positive way to strengthen mental toughness. As a player gains the ability to control fears and anxieties both on and off the court, their mental game of basketball strengthens which reflects on improved physical play as well. Any fear grows with intensity if left unchecked whether it stems from fear of missing a shot during […]

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Is Pressure in Sports a Myth?

Often in sport the term ‘pressure‘ is used to describe a close/tight match situation or one of importance to the individual. Pressure has been defined as “any factor or combination of factors that increases the importance of performing well on a particular occasion” by Baumeister (1984). This definition for me highlights the importance of athlete perception. How the athlete perceives the occasion and factors surrounding them will affect the importance of performing, highlighted by Baumeister (1984). When discussing pressure in sport the term ‘choking’ and anxiety will appear soon after. Choking is defined as “performing more poorly than excepted […]

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Overcoming Fear In Your Sport

Sometimes, fear can be a factor in your sport. Here are some suggestions on how an athlete can use to help manage their fears and every day anxieties. 1.Self Visualization Occasionally, a person may get anxious on an upcoming event. When this happens, visualize yourself doing the task in your mind. For instance, you have to perform in the championship game in front of a large group of people in the next few days. Before the big day comes, imagine yourself performing. Self-Visualization is a great way to reduce the fear and stress of a coming situation. 2. Take […]

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Performance Anxiety and Pregame Jitters

Many athletes feel performance anxiety in the opening minutes of the game. You may feel butterflies in your stomach or your heart pounding. Some athletes like to feel pregame jitters before competition. These athletes think of pregame jitters as a sign of readiness and energy. Other athletes think of pregame jitters as a sign of nervousness. Pre-game jitters are a natural part of competing and a sign you are ready to embrace competition. Even the best athletes in the world get the jitters.   Michael Leighton, goaltender for the Philadelphia Flyers, admitted to feeling nervous before his first NHL playoff […]

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Keep Big Games in Perspective

Athletes experience more pressure and anxiety before big games because there is higher significance attached to their performance. It is important that athletes maintain a balanced level of anxiety when preparing for and during an important event. Too much anxiety will limit athletes’ ability to reach peak performance and no anxiety can lower athletes’ motivation to prepare efficiently. It is natural for athletes to experience some anxiety, nerves, or butterflies before a big event. This is a sign of intensity that can be used to enhance athletic performance. I refer to this as a sign of intensity because it […]

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Coping with Performance Anxiety

Stress and performance anxiety is a part of everyday life for athletes. The good news is that not all stress is bad stress. In the right amount, stress helps you focus better and achieve what you want. Stress can help athletes be more alert, motivated, and gain a competitive edge. But too much anxiety, non-stop stress is debilitating to an athlete’s health and performance. If you experience too much anxiety, your performance suffers because it makes you physically tense and cripples the ability to focus. Some athletes feel this when afraid to lose, get embarrassed, or afraid of injury. […]

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