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Performance Anxiety and Pregame Jitters

Many athletes feel performance anxiety in the opening minutes of the game. You may feel butterflies in your stomach or your heart pounding. Some athletes like to feel pregame jitters before competition. These athletes think of pregame jitters as a sign of readiness and energy. Other athletes think of pregame jitters as a sign of nervousness. Pre-game jitters are a natural part of competing and a sign you are ready to embrace competition. Even the best athletes in the world get the jitters.   Michael Leighton, goaltender for the Philadelphia Flyers, admitted to feeling nervous before his first NHL playoff […]

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How to Perform Your Best in Big Games

Playing in the big game can present several mental game challenges for athletes. The ability to cope with the pressure is key to allowing athletes to reach peak performance in key situations. Pressure  can cause you to focus on results, tighten up and try too hard. When the season is on the line with a championship game, do you rise to the occasion, or fall under pressure? The best athletes and teams do raise the level of the performance in big games. They thrive on big games. Philadelphia Flyers stepped up in the 2012 playoffs to reach their first Stanley Cup finals […]

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Use Pregame Jitters as an Advantage

Many athletes feel pregame jitters in the opening minutes of the game. You may feel butterflies in your stomach or your heart pounding. You can think of pregame jitters as helpful or harmful to your performance. Some athletes like to feel pregame jitters before competition. These athletes think of pregame jitters as a sign of readiness and energy. Other athletes think of pregame jitters as a sign of nervousness. Pregame jitters can be harmful when they don’t go away in the opening minutes of the game. They can cause you to lose confidence and focus. When you’re focused on […]

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Hockey’s Number One Mental Game Asset

Self-confidence is how much you believe in your ability to perform, and in hockey it is the number one asset when discussing your mental game. Self-confidence separates great athletes from the good athletes. Athletes with high self-confidence play more aggressive and focused compared to other athletes because they believe in their ability. The two most common confidence killers are high expectations and self-doubt. High expectations are demands that you place on your performance. If you fail to achieve these demands, you will lose confidence in your game. Instead of having high expectations for yourself, you’ll want to set smaller, […]

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Momentum in Sports

Momentum plays a critical role in your team’s success. When your team has momentum, you feel like everything going for you. For example, your team can’t make a bad play or miss a shot on goal. You play fearlessly. Momentum keeps your team’s confidence high and helps your players find the zone. However, momentum doesn’t always go your way. Sometimes, your team can lose momentum after experiencing a setback such as the referee making a bad call or the other team making a key play. When this happens, it can be difficult to regain your momentum. When your team […]

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Sidney Crosby’s Secret to Success

Sidney Crosby is one of the most electric young athletes in sports. After being selected first overall in the 2005 NHL Entry Draft by the Pittsburgh Penguins, hockey fans expected Crosby to make an immediate impact on the league. Early in his career Cosby felt pressure to meet the expectations surrounding him. “Obviously, this is a new level, but the pressure has always been there,” said Crosby. I’m not trying to be the next Wayne Gretzky or Mario Lemieux, I strive to do my best and perform to my potential — that’s all I can do.” To perform to his […]

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Wayne Gretzky on the Mental Game of Hockey

Hockey fans know Wayne Gretzky as “The Great One” for his unbelievable talent, and superior hockey mentality. In a recent interview, the hockey legend discussed the mental aspects of hockey. He explained that to be a great hockey player you must display mental toughness and awareness on the ice. This means playing your hardest, reacting to different situations, and keeping up with the speed of the game. Gretzky explains that pregame warm-ups are key to embracing a hockey mindset. “You have to take advantage of your pregame warm-up. It helps you get in the right mindset to perform,” said […]

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Inside the Minds of Hockey’s Enforcers: Ian Laperriere

One thing every NHL team needs is a tough guy or enforcer ready to take hits, give hits, and intimidate their opponent. The tough guy provides his team with energy, momentum, and confidence. Ian Laperriere “Lappy” of the Philadelphia Flyers is recognized as one of the top tough guys in the league. When asked about his mental approach and preparation for sports toughest game he stated, “I have always been a physical player. I am not afraid to challenge my opponents and be as good as I can be on a nightly basis.” Players like Laperriere are tough physically, […]

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