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Mental Training and Performance Enhancement

For some athletes, mental training is an untouched avenue to improve sports performance. Many athletes do not understand mental training and may be skeptical about its value.Even if you as a parent understand the importance of mental toughness in your young athletes, your kids might resist it. If kids do not “buy in” to mental training, they will not reap the benefits it provides. We teach sports parents and coaches how to encourage their kids to have a strong mental game. Many athletes don’t realize that resources are available to improve their mental game. When under performing or in […]

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Online Mental Coaching Program

This month we are offering a months mental coaching via email. This includes: An A.M.A.P assessment (Athlete’s Mental Aptitude Profile) Forty minute session via Phone and A.M.A.P summary (Discovery Phase)* Three week Mental Coaching Program based on A.M.A.P assessment via email** *15 minutes with parent, 25 minutes with athlete (5,25,10) **Unlimited email response for parents and/or coaches during program (30 days) Visit Mental Edge Athletics for more details

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Does Physical Talet Guarantee Success?

Every athlete who is serious about their sport wants to be a champion. A hallmark of all great athletes is superior mental toughness and a championship mindset. However, for some athletes, mental training is an untouched avenue to improving sports performance. That’s why we teach sports parents and coaches how to encourage their athletes to have a strong mental game. Many athletes don’t realize that resources are available to improve their mental game. When under performing or in a slump, most athletes are quick to change other aspects of their performance, such as coaching, equipment, or strategy before realizing […]

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Frustration and Aggression in Sports

Players and spectators “talk trash” all the time in sports at every level. It is just another aspect of the game in many sports. Mentally tough athletes remain focused, composed and relaxed in the face of trash talk. They have the ability to fully immerse into their performance – unfazed by what others have to say. Problems with trash talk occur when athletes let it affect their composure and emotional control. During the heat of the battle trash talk can lead to frustration and aggression, which is what we want to avoid. So how can you help player’s avoid […]

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Helping Athletes Succeed

If athletes want to get the most out of their sports performance, it’s critical for them to understand the value of improving their mental game. Athletes’ lack of understanding is the number one barrier that prevents them from embracing mental training. Coaches and parents should educate their athletes on the numerous benefits of sports psychology and mental coaching. Athletes who embrace mental training have an advantage over competitors because they know how to overcome the barriers that limit their performance.  They excel in practice, and fully immerse into their as a competitor in competition. Mentally tough athletes find ways […]

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Three Keys to a Championship Mindset

The first key to a championship mindset is commitment to your goals and having clarity of purpose. Every team in Major League Baseball starts the season with the mission to win the World Series, but only a few teams really are able to feel and picture winning the World Series. Your task is to be able to imagine getting to your championship with the intensity of someone who already has it won – in the bag. I can remember with clarity those times in the batter’s box where I could see and feel myself making solid contact with the […]

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Aaron Rodgers Prepares for the Super Bowl: Part 2

When asked how Aaron Rogers prepares for the biggest game of his life, he responded, “I think the key is to be able to focus on your preparation.  You can’t let the other distractions and the magnitude of the game take you away from what you need to do next. You need to show up prepared to play, expect the unexpected, and know exactly what you are going to do,” said Rodgers. This is great advice and a tip I encourage my students to adhere to. You want to stay committed to your preparation and not get lost in […]

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Aaron Rodgers Prepares for the Super Bowl: Part 1

Many top quarterbacks are praised for their physical talent and abilities. In college and the pro level, most athletes possess a lot of physical skills and talent. But physical talent alone does not guarantee success in football or in any sport. A strong mental game combined with physical talent and high motivation helps athletes succeed in sports. What makes a big-time quarterback is his ability to excel at the mental part of the game. A quarterback has to have the ability to anticipate and respond quickly to opposing defenses. He must also have the composure to stand in the […]

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