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Three Keys to a Championship Mindset

Three Keys to a Championship Mindset

The first key to a championship mindset is commitment to your goals and having clarity of purpose. Every team in Major League Baseball starts the season with the mission to win the World Series, but only a few teams really are able to feel and picture winning the World Series.

Your task is to be able to imagine getting to your championship with the intensity of someone who already has it won – in the bag. I can remember with clarity those times in the batter’s box where I could see and feel myself making solid contact with the ball before I had even hit it.

I could visualize making contact vividly and knew without any doubt that it would find the gap. I describe this feeling as having an athletic intuition that if I saw my pitch I was going to give it a ride.

The second key to a championship mindset is having confidence that you can successfully execute what you see in your mind. You have to believe in your ability to perform successfully before you can. Many sports psychology expert say that visualization or imagery is the key, but they fail to tell you that without confidence, clarity of purpose does not work.

Doubt and limiting beliefs about your ability can interfere with the second key of a championship mindset. In order for your body to respond to powerful images you send it, you must have faith that the images can become reality.

A third key to a winning mindset is the willingness to be dedicated and committed to your game. You can just sit on your duff and wait for your goals to arrive at your doorstep. You must be willing to sacrifice some things for the pursuit of getting to the top of your sport. The dream must become a reality. You must throw away your comfort zone and catapult into action.

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