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The Mental Game of Golf

Golf is a mental game, especially at the higher levels.  This is why it’s important for golfer’s to develop a strong inner game or mental toughness.  You see players all the time who have “great talent”, but rarely play up to their potential. The problem is that golfers are not educated about the mental game mostly because their instructors or coaches didn’t stress the importance of mental toughness when their student’s were learning to play. In Golf your decisions, thoughts, images, and feelings set up each swing. Mental training helps players develop key mental skills to compliment the mechanics […]

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Examining the “Yips” in Golf

The ’yips’ are one of golf’s most perplexing challenges, and have driven many good golfers to give up the game. Symptoms of the ‘yips’ include jerks, tremors and freezing, which act as a performance barrier for golfers in competition. Players describe the ‘yips’ as involuntary muscle spasms and feelings of pressure and anxiety.  In many golfers, the pathophysiology of the ‘yips’ is believed to be an acquired deterioration in the function of motor pathways (e.g. those involving the basal ganglia) which are exacerbated when a threshold of high stress and physiologic arousal is exceeded. Research suggests that the ‘yips’ […]

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What is Mental Toughness?

A quality of mind or intellect characterized by a refusal to be intimidated, a determination to finish a contest even when things are going badly, and an ability to control emotions and remain highly focused when under the pressure of intense competition. Mentally tough athletes have a psychological edge that enables them to be more consistent, determined, focused, confident, resilient, and in control under pressure.

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Course Management and Pre-shot Routines

Golf courses are designed to challenge you every stroke with the presents of water hazard, sand traps, tree-lines, and rolling greens. Golfer who are not prepared for these obstacles, are unable to make key decisions, which can lead to mistakes. To be successful in competition you should focus on playing the course, rather than your opponents. Golfers who take this approach understand the important of course management. Many golfers view course management as a strategy to help them get out of trouble after a missed shot or bad stroke. Smart golfers view course management as a strategy that helps […]

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Atwal Wins Big With Nothing to Lose Mindset

Many athletes feel pressure when they have high or strict expectations about how they should perform. Expectations are what you demand of yourself during competition. They are usually about obtaining a certain result (score for 18 holes), game statistics (number of goals in a game), or quality of performance. They often cause you to judge your performance based on predetermined expectations. PGA Tournament Pro Arjun Atwal went into the Wyndham Championship at Sedgefield Country Club in Greensboro, N.C., with no expectations and nothing to lose. He had no playing status on the PGA Tour. “Guys are going to be […]

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