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Sports Psychology Article Submissions

Sports Psychology Article Submissions

Mental Edge Athletics is now accepting article submissions from athletes, parents, coaches, students, and professionals for publication on Sport Psychology Today.  Articles are to focus on an area of expertise (sports parent, athlete, coach, professional interests) relating to sport psychology and the mental game.  Upon publication articles will be categorized under the authors’ area of expertise.

Every article will be published with the authors name and contact information (optional). Each month one article selected will be highlighted and featured in the Article Showcase where authors have the opportunity to list a profile for reference, and work with Mental Edge Athletics and Sport Psychology Today on professional development and future projects. This is a great way for scholars and future professionals to enhance their resume, build a portfolio, and make in impact in the field.

Article guidelines are as follows:

  • Articles should focus on a topic related to sport psychology and the mental aspects of sport performance.
  • Articles must contain original content and should be 250-500 words in length.
  • Articles should focus on an area of expertise (baseball player, football coach, hockey mom, graduate studies, mental game coaching).

Feel free to submit articles to mike@youreverythingource.com for review or follow the submission process below.

The submission process is divided into three phases…

Phase One: Contact us for topic approval and to make an appointment for further assistance. Once your topic is approved you will be given tips to begin your article. If your article topic is not approved you will be provided feedback for adjustment or you may select another topic of interest.

Phase Two: Submit your first draft for review, editing, and feedback. Article drafts approved will move on to phase 3. If your first draft is not approved we will provide you with feedback and you will have the opportunity to make revisions until your article is approved.

Phase Three: Add the finishing touches to your article and set an appointment for publication.

As graduate students and sport psychology professionals we want to give the sports community and future professionals the opportunity to share their opinions, experiences, and knowledge on current sport psychology topics.

For your contribution towards helping us educate others on the mental game you will be mailed a certification recognizing your active participation in advancing the field of Sport Psychology Today for tomorrow!

For further information please contact us at:

Contact Sport Psychology Today


  1. Hi Guys. I’m not sure if this opportunity is still open. If it is I’d be very open to contributing. I run a small blog (www.peakpeformancesports). You can get a taste of my articles there.

    For my first article I propose I focus on Creating Ideal Performance States for Junior Athletes. 500 words is a little limiting in what I can cover, so I’d probably focus primarily on Inverted U relationship, but look at doing a followup article looking at 5 strategies to assist with creating ideal performance state.

    Let me know what you think.


  2. Excellent article above. May be you need more time to share all the knowledge that you have. So, thanks for share this information with us, I always come across this amazing post.

  3. Hey I wanted to thank you guys for incorperating some guest blogging on this site. I feel as if you can get a much broader sense of what is going on in sport psychology by listening to what others have to say. I also think many great ideas come from those people as well. Ps Your links look like they have been hacked. Might want to check into that. I hope to write my own piece here soon. Thanks again!

    • Hey Nathan,

      Thank you for your comment and feedback. We would love to receive a piece from you for publication, let me know if you are still interested. Also I updated the website. Hopefully to links are working now. Im not sure which ones you were referring to but if you could check them again and let me know it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. If you would like to write and article please email me… mike@mentaledgeathletics.com

      Mike Edger MS, MGCP

  4. The performance of the players is many affected by the their psychology of their mind. In every game, the players try to build a psychological pressure on the opponent team’s player. This pressure many times affects their performance. Writing about the psychology of today’s sports will be very useful for new players.

    • Absolutely. Today’s athletes is one who must have talent and a strong mental game in order to succeed. More and more at the college and professional level coaches are looking for intelligence that compliments talent. The first two players in the NFL drafter this year, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, both were recruited by Standford aced the intelligence test at the NFL combine. Their talent and mental game knowledge is what allows them both to be starters in a leadership position (quarterback) during their rookie season. They are both off to very impressive starts in their professional careers.

      If you would be interested in writing an article about the psychology of today’s sports and how it is useful to new players, we would love to publish it for you pending review! Thank you for your comment!

  5. Hi Mike

    I would be willing to offer some of my experience to your site if you are interested. I have recently conducted an interesting empirical research study on the best use of self talk for attentional focus among high skilled athletes in closed skill tasks. Such a study has never been condudcted previously in the research literature and it offers interesting results. You may view my Facebook page and get back to me if interested.
    Keith Begley

  6. Hi Mike, Thanks for the this wonderful post. Your the fizzle bomb!

    Sports Psychology

  7. Hey there. I stumbled upon ones weblog the employment of yahoo. That is definitely an exceptionally well written article. I am likely to save the idea obtainable back to find out more of your helpful data. Thanks for the write-up. I am going to unquestionably return.

  8. Thanks to my father who told me about the topic of this
    webpage, this weblog is in fact remarkable. I would love to have to opportunity to guest blog. I will be in touch. Thanks!

    Kyle Reed MS

  9. Sport Psychology Article Submission is intersted and I must to follow it.

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