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Sport Psychology Coaching

Sport Psychology Coaching

Sport psychology is the study of the psychological factors that affect participation and performance in sports. Sport psychology coaches aim to increase athletic performance by minimizing the psychological effects of poor performance and instilling the mental skill needed to attain peak performance. They work with and educate athletes, coaches, parents, teams and organizations from diverse sports background on the mental components of sport performance.

Sport psychology coaches differ from sports psychologist in that there are not licensed clinical psychologists. However, all of our sports psychology coaches at Mental Edger Athletics  have equal or higher levels of experience and education in the field of sport psychology. Due to a current flaw in the system individuals who earn a doctorate degree in Sport Psychology are currently unable to claim the title of sport psychologist because licensing is only available for clinical psychologist, who are educated and trained in mental health services rather then sports psychology.  Thus, sport psychology coaches may also identify themselves as a mental game coaching professional, performance enhancement specialist, sport psychology expert, peak performance coach or mental training professional.

Sport Psychology Coaches specialize in sport psychology, mental training and performance enhancement consulting. Sport Psychologist specialize in clinical psychology and mental health disorders…

In the past, sport psychology and mental training was untouched avenue of improving sports performance. However, in recent years, the sports community has recognized that mental factors such as confidence, composure, focus, and motivation are highly significant to athletic performance. As a result mental training and sport psychology coaching have become an emerging practice within the field sport psychology.  Sport psychology coaches believe that in order for athletes to get the most out of their sport they must develop a strong mental game to complicate their physical talent. Athletes deemed to have a strong mental game have the ability to move on after mistakes, maintain confidence and composure in the face of adversity, and focus on what is need to execute each task successfully.

Mental training is the segment of sports psychology that concentrates specifically on helping athletes break through the mental barriers that are keeping them from performing up to their peak potential. Mental training is about improving one’s attitude and mental skills to help them perform their best by identifying limiting beliefs and embracing a healthier philosophy about their sport. Sport psychology coaches apply mental training techniques to help athletes overcome the barriers that limit their performance and improve their mental toughness. Mental skills, just like physical skills, take repetition, practice, and game-time application to develop. Helping athletes and coaches understanding the mental barriers that limit performance and the benefits of sports psychology intervention is a critical step in the mental training process. Mental barriers include high expectations, perfectionism, fear of failure, lack of emotional control and attentional focus. Athletes can overcome these barriers through sport psychology intervention that aim to enhance confidence, focus, composure, trust and mental preparation.

When seeking Sport Psychology services to improve your performance remember:

Sport Psychology Coaches specialize in sport psychology, mental training and performance enhancement consulting. Sport Psychologist specialize in clinical psychology and mental health disorders…


  1. I wish high school coaches understood more about mental training and positive coaching. It would make it better for the kids, parents and the sport.

    • Hawk,

      Thank you for your comment I absolutely agree. We are in the process of developing a mental training program for youth and high school coaches educating them on the mental game and the affects of different approaches to coaching. If there are any specific areas that you feel would be important for us to cover please let me know! You can reply here, in our discussion forum or email me at m.edger@live.com.

      Thanks again!
      Mike Edger MS, MGCP

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