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Sports Psychology Programs

Sports Psychology Programs

Mental training is about improving one’s attitude and mental skills to help them perform their best by identifying limiting beliefs and embracing a healthier philosophy about their sport. Many athletes and coaches resist mental training because they do not understand how it can help them. In order for athletes to get the most out of their sport, it is critical for them to understand the value of improving their mental game. Athletes are more likely to embrace mental training when they understand it and its benefits. Our mental training programs aim to help players and coaches discover the benefits of mental training by highlighting the mental skills need to achieve peak performance and underlining the mental barriers that limit success.

Our mental training programs are designed to:

1. Identify the mental barriers that limit performance.

2. Educate athletes on the mental skills needed to achieve peak performance.

3. Apply mental training strategies to enhance focus, confident, composure and mental preparation.

The purpose of Our mental training programs are to instill:

• An awareness of the zone and the feelings associated with playing in the zone.

• High self-confidence or a strong belief in their skills or ability to play well.

• The ability to fully immersed in the task or totally concentrate in the present.

• A narrow focus of attention or the ability to focus on one specific thought without distraction.

• The ability to swing effortlessly or let it happen when it counts.

• Emotional control or the ability to remain calm under pressure.

One-On-One Sport Psychology Coaching and Mental Training

Enhance your performance with one-on-one training on site or over the phone. Whether you are a junior athlete, or seasoned pro, our mental training strategies will provide you with the mental skills needed to succeed in your sport. By becoming a member of our team you will:

  • Discover behaviors and attitudes that prevent you from reaching your potential, and achieve your performance goals
  • Excel in your sport by mastering the mental strategies to take your game to the next level!
  • Learn mental training routines that championship athletes use to reach peak performance.
  • Understand how to practice like a professional and improve your practice efficiency.
  • Uncover secrets to a championship mindset.
  • Identify the unhealthy beliefs, fears, and expectations that impact limit your performance.
  • Break through the mental barriers that limit your performance.
  • Achieve your overall performance goals!

For out of town athletes over the phone coaching sessions is an excellent opportunity for serious athletes to work one-on-one with mental game coaching to enhance sport performance.

We are a team of graduate students and professionals who specialize in sport psychology, mental training, and performance enhancement. As coaches and educators we teach athletes the mental skills needed to reach peak performance.

At Mental Edge Athletics we can enhance your mental toughness and teach you how to think (and perform) like a champion athlete!

All one-on-one sports psychology and mental training programs include:

  • Athlete’s Mental Aptitude Assessment (AMAP) to identify mental game challenges.
  • 4 hours of coaching up per month (in person or via phone)
  • Individual mental game plan outlining the mental training objectives and strategies for performance enhancement.
  • Custom mental training lessons plans follow up activities, and feedback sent to you via email or fax.


  • Unlimited email correspondence directly with your consultant.
  • Free copies of Mental Edge Athletics mental training and performance enhancement programs.
  • Free Sports Psychology Today personalized mental training resource guide for athletes and parents
  • Free email coaching for sports parents and youth coaches

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Mental Edge Athletics Membership and Email Coaching

Think like a professional and learn the mental game skills to play like a champion–from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world! Members of Mental Edge Athletics receive bonus sport psychology and mental training resources, and gain access to our insider services via email. As a member you receive free programs, updates, and game day tips for your sport! After taking the A.M.A.P our team will develop a mental training plan and resource guide based on your key mental training areas. Each membership includes unlimited email response for parents and coaches.

Membership and Email Coaching.

Premium Membership: Includes an A.M.A.P (Athlete’s Mental Aptitude Profile) and Sport Psychology Today Resource Guide base A.M.A.P results. A Forty minute coaching session via Phone to review A.M.A.P summary (additional sessions available at discount). Mental Coaching Program based on A.M.A.P assessment via email. Membership discount on Mental Edge Athletics products and services (30%).

Coaching Membership: Includes an A.M.A.P (Athlete’s Mental Aptitude Profile) and Sport Psychology Today Resource Guide base A.M.A.P results. Mental Coaching Program based on A.M.A.P assessment via email. Membership discount on Mental Edge Athletics products and services (20%).

Standard Membership: An A.M.A.P (Athlete’s Mental Aptitude Profile) and Sport Psychology Today Resource Guide base A.M.A.P results. Membership discount on Mental Edge Athletics products and services (10%).

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Performance Enhancement Seminars for Teams, Organizations or Sports Groups

Our seminars are designed to help organizations perform like champions and achieve their overall team goals

Each workshop is custom designed to fit your team’s performance needs:

  1. Improve team cohesion and teamwork.
  2. Discover the attitudes, behaviors and beliefs that are limiting your team’s success
  3. Apply sport psychology and mental game strategies customized for your teams needs.
  4. Identify the triggers that can help your team access the zone consistently.
  5. Develop a championship attitude.

Plus, we can meet one-on-one with captains or key members of your team to maximize your teams leadership abilities and athletic potential.

Program Description Cost*
Keynote Presentation One-hour keynote presentation $150.00
Half-Day Workshop Three-hour custom seminar and/or clinic $350.00
Full Day Workshop Six-hour custom seminar and/or clinic $500.00
Season Long Workshops Five half-day seminars/clinics $1250.00
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More Sport Psychology and Executive Coaching Programs COMING SOON! Contact us for more information about our personalized Sport Psychology Coaching Programs

Michael Edger MS, MGCP

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