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Focusing Through Environmental Stressors: Part Two

Focusing Through Environmental Stressors: Part Two

Part two: You Are What You Think

you-are-what-you-thinkHave you ever heard the saying: “You are what you say you are?”

This is the idea that you become what you believe by attracting what you think?

For a more clinical explanation search: “Self-fulfilling prophecy” and the “Law of Attraction”.

Anyway, back to the idea that you are what you think. According to this in order to be successful you must see yourself as successful, need that be believing you will get that promotion, hit that ball out of the park, drive that hole in one, or find your soul mate.

Every person struggles with mental or “self” talk, it’s so easy to get distracted and lose focus. This is especially the case in today’s day and age with instant gratification with every push of a button. What happened to good old fashioned “hard work”. The stuff I’m talking about is work that makes the biggest difference.

The mental preparation! Using your mind to help you reach your objective, not your Wii fit.

Now, I will take you through a simple visualization/mental preparation exercise.

First, you need to establish your environment. Are you on the baseball field, in the office, on the treadmill?

There are many different items to take into account that add up to total your “environment”. Let’s break it down.

First one’s environment is defined as:

the conditions that surround someone or something
the conditions and influences that affect the growth, health, progress, etc., of someone or something.

Put yourself in a specific place and take a good look around and really see what is in front of you. What does the environment feel like, who are the people, what is the temperature and the lighting.

Make note of everything that is surrounding you, everything that you see, hear, feel, taste, smell and what you are touching. Get as detailed as possible in describing the environment. It is so important to recognize all that is in front of you. That’s the first step.

Now this is where it can get tricky for people, we are all raised differently and with that comes different limiting beliefs. Take everything that encompasses your environment and think about how it affects your performance.

For example- that guy looks a lot like that kid that bullied me in the 4th grade and quite honestly it really pisses me off to see him as an opponent in front of me.

See now he caused me so much pain when I was a kid that it now drives me to bigger and better things.

In the long term, if you can turn the life and game challenges from pain into pleasure by controlling what you think and find balance and flexibility in current opportunities with long held emotions- then you win.

That simple you win.

Control what you are thinking and focus through all of those stressors, even the ones you might not have even realized were effecting you and you win.

That simple- YOU WIN.

Article and images provided by Tracy Rasinski


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