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The Rise of Kronum

The Rise of Kronum

A new sports craze has taken over South Eastern Pennsylvania and its popularity continues to grow in the United States and Europe. Kronum was invented in 2008 at Villanova University in Pennsylvania.  It combines the physical and mental elements of various sports such as: soccer, basketball, rugby, football and handball.  In only a few years the Kronum has reached the high school, college, and professional level with its slogan “Join the Revolution.”

Kronum is played by two teams, each with 10 players on the field at all times. The game is fast-paced because possessions can change quickly, and players must be able to adapt to defensive or offensive positions at any given time during game play. Physical contact is allowed like in rugby for example, though excessive contact may result in the fouled player being awarded a penalty shot.

The match is divided into three phases of 20 minutes. The team’s objectives are to score as many points as possible during the match. The average score for a match is between 80 and 120 points. The number of points awarded for each goal depends on where on the field the player takes a shot:

  • Goal Zone = 1 point
  • Wedge Zone = 2 points
  • Flex Zone = 2 points
  • Cross Zone/2nd Ring = 4 points

The Kronum goal is designed for a wide range of scoring opportunities. The main opening of the goal, called the chamber, which is about the size of a soccer or handball net. Extended above the chamber is the Crown, which has of five 20 inch congruent rings that the ball can be thrown, kicked, or dunked through. When a player scores through one of the rings (“Ring Shot”), points are worth twice what they would be scoring into the chamber. For example, if a Kronum player makes a Ring Shot from the Second Ring on the field, he scores 8 points for his team, called a “Kronum.” However, a Kronum is an extremely difficult shot to make, since it must be made from at least 25 feet from the goal.

According to Wikipedia.com, each Kronum team on the field consists of 10 players, who play three distinct positions: Wedge backs, Rangers, and Crossers.

  • Wedge Back: One Wedge back plays in each of four Goal Zones, where use of hands and arms is allowed to defend the goal. The Wedge back must defend the goals when the opposing team is in possession, and score low-point goals during periods of possession.
  • Ranger: The area beyond the Wedge back position consists of one Ranger for each goal, resulting in four Ranger positions during game play. Rangers may cross into other goal zones to assist in defending or scoring, but tend to focus on scoring from the two or four point zones of a particular goal during game play.
  • Crosser: The two remaining players are in a position referred to as Crossers. Crossers are similar to point guards in basketball, and focus on gaining possession of the ball, and getting the ball out to other players who can score easily.

Prime Rush (Intensity):

Each of the three periods starts with the “Prime Rush” when the referee bounces the ball on the ground inside the prime ring high into the air. Only two players from each team may enter the Second Ring, in an attempt to gain possession of the ball. Strategic teams will send players immediately toward each goal, even before one team gains possession of the ball. These players will then be in position to defend or score quickly.

Additional Information:

All 10 players from each team are allowed to use any part of their body to dribble, except in the Wedge Zone where the use of arms and hands is prohibited.

Like in Basketball, players can dribble with their hands, and may only take two steps with the ball in the hands without dribbling. This violation of the rules is called traveling.

At any given moment of the game, one team is trying to score on any of the four goals, and one team defending all four goals.

All players are allowed to touch the ball with the hand in the Goal Zone.

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